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Milt Briggs: Photos

Milton interview on KFOK radio in Georgetown, CA.
Entertaining children and parents at Georgetown Library
Singing the Whistleboy song for pre-schoolers
Some of Milt's favorite fans enjoy his whistle
Milt gives his fans a treat with a wonderful concert at High Hill at Apple Hill in October.  The children dance and clap and the parents enjoy their picnic.
Milt takes his show on the road at AppleHill, CA
Milt's show is perfect for this outdoor wine tasting tour!
This personalized folkart applique of the Whistleboy is an integral part of Milt's stories
Milt returns to one of his favorite places while touring in Death Valley
Milt and Janet took a ride to see the fall colors in the aspen trees on Monitor Pass above Markleeville.  Milt Decided to serenade the beauty!
As a naturalist Milt appreciates varied outdoor environments
Fans enjoying the music at a Spring gig in Clements, CA
Milt with some of his new fans Carlos and Tessie at Apple Hill