Sunday Thoughts about Nature

"Nature-deficit disorder?" is the title of a recent interview in SUN magazine with journalist Richard Louv. Reading it makes me think of all the stories and songs that Milt has written to address this "deficit" in children's lives. Working as a public school speech therapist, he had a ready audience of children and perfected many stories to connect them to nature. "Humphrey the Musical Whale," "Old Croaker" and of course, the magical Whistle Boy stories all do that with words and music. Once when we had been to an elementary school in Elk Grove and he had done a show for the kids, the teacher took them outside on a walk after the show. They heard frogs on the walk. As Milt was breaking down and packing up, the kids returned and I heard them saying, "I heard Old Croaker! Did you he3ar him??" They were so excited to know somehing new and to experience that frog-sound on their own nature walk near the playground. ~Janet