In Tomales, Briggs performed jazzy Waltz whistles and Irish jigs, cowboy tunes and Brazilian songs. Sometimes accompanied by words, sometimes not, his melodies tell stories about mockingbirds and whistle boys, about cuckoo clocks and foggy estuaries. 'Foggy Estuary' is a song inspried from the ocean and the lagoons here in Marin.” - Roberto Priolo

— Point Reyes Light

Milton Briggs has been inducted into the Whistler's Hall of Fame....He blows slow, dramatic notes like an emoting opera singer in his classical composition "Opus in A Minor for a Whistler;." He swings a jazzy, upbeat tune in "It's a Raggy Waltz." And he transforms his lips into a brilliant piccolo performing death-defying sixteenth notes in the folksy 'Whistle-Boy come Home'." Click here to read the rest of the article” - Dan Vierria

Sacramento Bee

:...the International Grand Champion Whistler, a highly accomplished musician, can make his whistle sound like a bird, a flute, a piccolo or violin....His performances vary according to the audience.”

— Sacramento Magazine

Milton Briggs, a speech therapist from Carmichael, California, was judged the best whistler over-all....(Briggs), Grand Chanpion at the 8th International Whistle-Off, wrote 'Opus in A Minor for a Whistler'.”

— Smithsonian Magazine

His crisp contralto whistle warbles over a roller coaster of notes in 'Whistler's Rag'---one of 75 songs he's written---like an alpine stream rumbling down a mountainside.”

— Sacramento Bee Magazine

Mr. Briggs came to my 7-8th grade classroom last year and did a musical-historical presentation about the Depression years, interweaving history, music, and story-telling. He kept the student's interest throughout the 40 minute presentation. He played the piano, guitar, and whistled as he showed colorful pictures related to the story. I highly recommend Milt Briggs to all teachers who like to add excitment and creativity to their daily lessons with music and storytelling.”

— Joe Munizich

Dear Grampa Milt, thanks so much for the wonderful program you presented to our pre-school reading group at the Georgetown Library. We all loved it and the kids were mesmerized. You are certainly unique and very talented. Thanks again for a great experience. Jan Rose” - Jan Rose

— Georgetown Library