Great story about whistling on 

There is a great article about whistling in general and Milt in particular at the address above. Dan Vierria did an interview with Milt and there are some great whistling quotes there. Also a wonderful photo of Milt that his friend artist Ning Hou painted some years ago.

Tomales History Center Concert 

I love the coastal area of Northern California. Since my childhood summers in the Stinson Beach area, I always wanted to have some kind of work that would take me there. I have performed at Bolinas-Stinson School, Adobe School, and now in Tomales. My song, "Foggy Estuary" was composed from the surroundings of Abbot's Lagoon in the Point Reyes Sea Shore. What a delight to be able to perform it in the area from which it came. What a pleasure to be able to perform for such a welcoming and responsive…

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Sunday Thoughts about Nature 

"Nature-deficit disorder?" is the title of a recent interview in SUN magazine with journalist Richard Louv. Reading it makes me think of all the stories and songs that Milt has written to address this "deficit" in children's lives. Working as a public school speech therapist, he had a ready audience of children and perfected many stories to connect them to nature. "Humphrey the Musical Whale," "Old Croaker" and of course, the magical Whistle Boy stories all do that with words and music. Once when we…

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North Marin Breakfast Club 

My old friend Gary Bramon invited me to speak at the North Marin Breakfast Meeting. I had a very warm welcome. For my closing tune I did "Irish Washerwoman" and Francis McGovern did a tap dance jig. Later I had 3 lawyers to help me carry out my equipment to the car. I never thought that I would have 3 lawyers helping me do anything. The Breakfast Club was a fine group of appreciative gentlemen.

Opening For Bob Milne 

Opening for the famous Journeyman piano, ragtime, boogie, blues, historian, Bob Milne had me nervous, but after his warm and personal introduction, I walked out on the stage and saw an audience that was completely welcoming. I performed 2 Jigs and my rhymed story--The Origins of the Whistle Boy leading into that tune. The audience gave me a fine applause and I settled into the audience to enjoy his fine show.

Off Center Stage Concert 

It was a great pleasure to perform for such an appreciative audience. The KVMR Radio interviews helped boost attendance. I also saw some old friends from my teen years that have moved to the Grass Valley area. It was a coincidence that I performed a premier composition titled "A Little Off Center." It was perfect for the location and occasion. The sound man, John Renior, did a great job for me. I appreciated the support of the Center For The Arts.

Arcade Creek Manor 

No matter where I gig these days it seems I run into old friends and acquaintances. This 45 minute after dinner concert was a good way to start the holidays.

Park Roseville 

Janet usually accompanies me on gigs, but at the time of this one she was in Switzerland seeing her grandaughter perform in a play and her daughter do a singing concert. I left my music in my truck and I had started the concert without it. I would have had Janet fetch my music, but since she was thousands of miles away, I just kept my wireless mic on and gave the folks a step by step account of my journey to and back from my truck. "Now I'm at the main door. Now I'm in the parking lot.---Now I'm in the…

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Apple Hill 

Always fun to see old friends and meet new ones. Families come for picnics and to listen to my music. Young children dance and parents video. I get to play and whistle a very wide variety of music.

Point Reyes Annual Apple Festival Celebration 

Having performed at this event for 2 years now, I have decided to compose a medley of tunes for next years event. Hosted by Trinka Marris, this event is so relaxed and so much fun.